Why Networks Don’t Pay Taxes

Why Networks Don’t Pay Taxes

Network marketing has grown exponentially in the past few years.

And that growth is fueled by companies that are growing exponentially in their ability to generate revenue from ads and sales, and that are also growing in their marketing budgets.

And, of course, companies that have grown in their business model and their ability (or inability) to attract and retain talent, even if it means hiring less. 

But, there are still some companies out there that don’t pay their taxes.

Here are the 10 worst companies that don (or don’t) pay their employees: 1.

Netflix Inc. Netflix is a global video streaming service that provides movies and television shows to users around the world.

It has grown its revenues from about $7 billion in 2012 to more than $9 billion this year.

But the company is currently facing several tax audits, including one by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that is due to be released this month. 

In March, the company paid $11.5 million in taxes, a decrease of more than 40 percent from the previous year.

That includes $1.1 million in U.S. taxes, according to an SEC filing from a company called CVC Group Inc. It’s not clear whether the IRS will pursue Netflix, as it was initially filed in October, or the company itself. 


Airbnb Inc. Airbnb, which has about 40 million users in the United States, was created in 2006.

In September 2013, it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Airbnb was valued at $7.6 billion at the time.

In February, Airbnb paid $4.6 million in federal taxes. 


Pinterest Inc. Pinterest, which was created by the founders of the popular image-sharing site Reddit, was valued by the company at $3.5 billion in 2015.

In August 2015, Pinterest paid $9.7 million in US taxes.


Reddit Inc. Reddit, which is owned by the same parent company as Pinterest, is valued at about $40 billion.

In July, Reddit filed for bankruptcy protection, and paid $2.6 a share in taxes.


Twitter Inc. Twitter is a social networking service owned by Twitter Inc., which is valued by Twitter at about 40 billion.

Twitter paid $1 billion in taxes in 2016.


Zynga Inc. Zyndns was founded in 2007.

In May 2017, Zyngas tax filing said that the company was valued “at about $6.6bn.”

In June, it paid $6 million.



Pinterest was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2007 and is valued in 2016 at about a trillion dollars.

In April 2018, the social networking site paid $8.9 million in income taxes.



Reddit was founded as an online community for all things Reddit.

In December 2016, the online community paid $5.9 billion in US tax.


Pinterest and Reddit have more than 1 billion users.

Reddit is valued more than 9 billion.


Zyneas tax return doesn’t specify whether it’s an IPO or a bankruptcy.


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