How to buy the fastest stock in the world: Top 10 stock market picks

How to buy the fastest stock in the world: Top 10 stock market picks

A new technology company, an online dating site and an online game company have emerged as top picks in the latest edition of the best stock picks list published by Capital IQ.

The list of the top 10 stocks includes a growing number of tech and financial stocks that are rising in value.

Read moreTechnology companies, which make up a large share of the market, are gaining in value as they have more competition from traditional players like Microsoft, Apple and Google.

The tech giants have seen their market value rise over the last year as they compete with one another in a race for talent.

The top 10 list has been compiled by looking at a wide range of factors, including revenue growth, market share and earnings.

The latest edition has been released on Thursday, but the list has a wider audience.

The top five companies on the list, which includes Twitter and Facebook, are up nearly 20% in value this year.

The rest are all up about 12%.

The top tech companies are Google, Facebook and Twitter, which each have $1.1 trillion in annual revenue.

The companies also rank ahead of Amazon and Facebook.

The Top 10 stocks in 2018 are:Microsoft $1,000,000Apple $2,500,000Google $2.5 trillionFacebook $3.3 trillionAmazon $3 trillionApple Inc $3,000 trillionApple $1 Inc $2 trillionAmazon, Inc. $2 billionTwitter $1 billionTwitter Inc $1 bilionThe next five are:Netflix Inc $10.4 trillionBaidu $8 billionAmazon $5 billionAmazon Web Services $3 billionMicrosoft Corp $3 millionGoogle Inc $6 billionAmazon Technologies $2 bilionMicrosoft Corp. $3 bilionApple Inc. Microsoft Corp., $3 BillionA growing number are also gaining in market value.

Google is up more than 10% over the past year while Amazon is up about 7% to $5.2 trillion.


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