What are the 10 MLMs and why are they so profitable?

What are the 10 MLMs and why are they so profitable?

MLM companies are very profitable because they have an abundance of resources, according to one of the industry experts who interviewed us. 

Companies with lots of capital and a lot of employees, like Zynga, Facebook, and Airbnb, have an overwhelming advantage. 

This means the companies can get their products and services into the hands of consumers, who will use them to make purchases. 

They have the money to pay off investors and buy back shares, which means they are less likely to sell or make bad investments. 

These investors then pay for the product and then they use it to make a profit. 

In this way, the companies will continue to grow in size and power. 

The key question is how these companies will manage to continue to stay profitable without giving up too much control to the users. 

What if MLM customers refuse to buy products or services? 

The answers are a little different. 

Some MLM businesses, like Facebook, offer “unlimited” access to their users.

Some MLMs offer “exclusive” access and a guaranteed rate of return, which makes them less appealing for potential customers. 

There are also companies that provide a “no obligation” guarantee that users won’t have to pay for anything, like Airbnb. 

How will these MLMs handle this? 

We are currently researching and will share this article as soon as we have more information. 

To learn more about the MLM industry, check out this article from the Huffington Post. 

Want to find out more about your own business? 

If you have an idea, or are just interested in sharing your story, we recommend reading these stories from The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. 

If there’s a product or service you think is worth considering, please share it with us.

We love to hear from our readers!


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