Best MLMs in India: Which MLM Company is best in your opinion?

Best MLMs in India: Which MLM Company is best in your opinion?

An international comparison of MLMs has revealed that the country has a lot to offer when it comes to networking, business development, and recruiting.

According to data compiled by the Better Business Bureau, India has about 4.5 million active members, which accounts for about a third of the global total.

According to the data, over 60 percent of active members in India belong to the industry sector, with the remaining 20 percent being from smaller and mid-sized enterprises.

The report also highlighted that the MLM industry in India is expanding rapidly, with a rise in membership in 2017 and a total membership in 2018 of nearly 2.2 million, an increase of about 9,000 percent over the same time period last year.

It is expected that the growth of the MLMs industry will continue to accelerate over the coming years.

The country’s overall MLM membership growth rate is expected to rise to 9 percent by 2021, from 6.2 percent in 2018.

The industry is expected grow at a rate of 8.7 percent by 2020, from 7.5 percent in 2020.

The growth of MLM companies in India has been on the rise.

In 2016, a total of 9.6 million active accounts were created, an eight-fold increase from 2016’s 4.3 million active.

As the growth in membership continues, the number of active accounts will increase, with growth expected to continue at a steady pace until 2021.

The B.B.B.’s data also shows that the top three MLM industries in India are retailing, technology and entertainment, with apparel and accessories making up the remaining two.

While technology and media have been the most popular MLM categories in India for the past two years, retailing has emerged as a top MLM category for 2018.

The data also showed that more than half of MLMBs in India (58.4 percent) have no branch in their country, with more than 40 percent of MLP companies in the country operating outside of their country.

India’s MLM market is estimated to be worth approximately $7.6 billion.


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