How to Build a Brand and Start a Business with Your First Product

How to Build a Brand and Start a Business with Your First Product

In the early 2000s, a number of entrepreneurs, including my friend Scott Hartsman, started their own MLM business.

Scott had a dream: he wanted to use a social network and marketing platform to attract new business.

So, in 2004, Scott launched his company, The Social Network, with a goal of connecting entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, and business owners. 

Today, Social Network has over 70,000 members and has more than 400 million monthly active users.

The Social Media Community, as we know it today, was born out of Scott’s vision.

And I think Scott’s business model was born from the desire to help others reach their own dreams. 

I want to share with you how Scott’s strategy worked, and what you can do to build a brand that can attract the best people in the world to your business. 

Scott’s Strategy Scott started with a simple premise: if you can’t connect with your users, they won’t come.

Scott’s goal was to create a social media platform that would help entrepreneurs find new users, connect with influencers, and gain access to customers. 

In the first few months, Scott had no real customers.

As the months passed, his followers grew to include people from around the world and his company grew.

But even though he had a few hundred followers, Scott’s growth was not sustainable.

In early 2007, Scott took his company public. 

So, Scott and his wife, Jennifer, sold the company.

They also gave up their real estate and business, and they moved to Texas to start their new life. 

Over the next few years, Scott was able to expand his product line, and by the end of 2008, he had over 200 million active users and more than 3 million products. 

The Social Network grew into a successful company, and Scott’s success allowed him to build an online presence that was unmatched. 

What did Scott do differently than other MLM businesses? 

Scott believed that social media was the key to building a brand.

And he didn’t have to wait for the brand to be built before he could engage with customers.

In addition to the Social Network product line and social channels, Scott built an online platform called that allowed him and his team to engage with people from across the globe to build relationships. 

Tops.TV is a social networking site that allows users to connect with celebrities and celebrities in their network. 

On Tops, Scott partnered with his team of MLM experts and launched a series of influencer influencer marketing campaigns. 

Each of these influencer campaigns focused on a specific demographic or industry.

The campaigns targeted influencers with high-profile brands like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Lady Gaga. 

As Scott saw it, his brand was already built and the influencers would follow his advice.

Scott began building his audience, connecting with celebrities, and getting his influencers to sign up. 

One of Scott and Jennifer’s most popular campaigns involved celebrity ambassadors.

Scott would introduce them to the influencer community through Tops’ influencer portal and then send out a tweet that would invite their followers to follow their account. 

These celebrity ambassadors would then sign up with Scott’s account, and each of these celebrities would get a personal message from Scott. 

At the end, Scott would deliver a special message to the celebrity. 

“I have something for you,” Scott said.

“You have a very special opportunity to build something special with your followers.

It’s time to start building.” 

The goal was simple.

If you could build something, you’d be able to build it, and that’s what Scott did. 

How did Scott get so many influencers? 

When Scott started working at The Social Networks, Scott knew he wanted influencers on his team. 

He had worked with influencer and business influencers before, but nothing like the type of interaction he would get from these celebrity ambassadors he had built up over the course of his career. 

Since Scott’s brand was built with celebrities in mind, he was able get influencers and influencer business owners on board. 

When it came time to connect influencers directly with Scott, Scott started connecting influencers through 

Using the Tops platform, Scott set up a network of influencers in the social media space and asked influencers from the influental community to join him on Tops and create a personal connection. 

Within a month, Scott could have 10,000+ influencers signed up to Tops to work with Scott.

When the influents on Tots were connected to Scott, he would send out Tweets that encouraged them to join Scott’s platform. 

This approach gave Scott the chance to connect more influencers than ever before and help them grow their business.


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