Best MLM companies in India to work with in 2018

Best MLM companies in India to work with in 2018

It has been quite a while since we covered the best MLM firms in India in the last article.

However, we have been working hard on this list.

In the next few weeks, we will be launching a new article covering the top MLM and technology companies in the country.

With the launch of this new article, we are going to highlight some of the best companies to work closely with in the coming year.

In this article, you will be able to find out how best to work as an MLM manager or co-founder. 

Here is a summary of the top five MLM/tech companies in 2017, based on the following criteria: 1.

MLM / Technology companies in a given country – India: 1.

MLC (Management Consulting) companies: (1) They have been running a business for over 3 years and are considered to be the leaders in the MLM sector.

(2) Their management team has over 30 years of experience. 

(3) They are known for providing high quality customer support, efficient and high-quality services.

(4) They deliver on their promises and make their clients happy. 


MLF (Software Development) companies in Indian cities: 2) They offer various services, including development, training, marketing, supply chain, logistics, etc. 3.

MLV (Mobile Virtualization) companies – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Javerta: 3) Mobile Virtualization is one of the fastest growing and most popular MLM services in India.

The services are highly competitive and they have a very good product. 


MLS (Marketing & Sales) companies based in India: 4) MLS companies are popular among the younger segment of the population.

They offer a very flexible, flexible, and cost-effective way to promote a product.

This is one such company. 


MLP (Marketer / Project Manager) companies headquartered in India – Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Puducherry, Ahmedabad, Kolkata: 5) MLP companies are among the top 5 companies in terms of revenues and revenue growth.

MLPs are also known for their quality of product, good customer service, and their commitment to the growth of their businesses. 

As per the 2017 report from CPM, the top 10 MLM tech companies in 2019 were: – Bharti Airtel (Bhartii Airtels, BHAT) (20) -MVV (Micro Virtualization and Software Development) Mumbai (MVTech) ($1.4B) – Nest Labs (Nest)  ($2.7B)     (11) — Baidu (Baidus) (-1)      ($2.8B)  (14)  MVPS (Mobile Software Development Platform) $2.5B ($3.1B) (15) Tillamooka Technologies $1.5 Billion ($6.5 B) Birla Group (Birlia) -$1.8 Billion (16) Citi (Citi)  $1.2 Billion — Google (Google) -(4) Uber (Uber) +$4.3 Billion  (17) Microsoft (Microsoft) 2 billion  (18) Videocon (VideoTech)  $1 Billion  ($10.8 B) (19) Diligarh (Diligent Software) 500 million (21) Suresh +500 million  (22) Pune +1,000 million  (23) India-based Flipkart $300 million +5,000,000   Gurgaon $100 million  +50,000 (24) Naspers (Naspers) ~$500 million (25) Paytm $600 million —- Vitalik Buterin (Vitaly Buter) 5 million   (26) Snapdeal +300 million (27) Kamal Bedi +3 million ($7.4 billion) “Indian companies that have been growing at the fastest rate in India during the last decade, have been taking advantage of the new technology and services offered by the companies listed above.

These companies have been successful in growing their businesses, making investments in their companies, and delivering a quality product to their customers,” said Nitesh Pathak, President, Business Advisory Board, IAFR. 

“These companies are building a strong and competitive business that is able to continue to grow and thrive for years to come,”


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