MLM companies in India are being run on the basis of ‘no profit’ model

MLM companies in India are being run on the basis of ‘no profit’ model

In India, the most popular online marketplace is Network Marketing Company, which is now the number one online marketplace for MLM services, according to a report by a company called Network Marketing.

Network Marketing Co. is one of the most well-known MLM service providers in the country and offers a wide range of services including recruiting, recruitment, marketing, recruitment consulting, and more.

The company’s founders are Ravi Sharma and Ankit Sood, and it has been operating for more than five years, as per an internal document from the company.

The company has a market cap of Rs 6,000 crore and has raised around Rs 1,200 crore from its founders.

The founders are also active in several social networking websites and online communities.

Network Marketing Co has been doing a lot of work in India for years and is also considered to be one of India’s most successful online marketplace.

The MLM industry is not a popular one in India due to the lack of legal framework, strict regulation and the high level of fraud.

But in the last three years, the industry has grown and in 2017, Network Marketing has seen an unprecedented rise in activity.

The report comes as the online marketplace continues to grow in India.

Last year, the platform raised more than $1 billion in funding, and this year, it raised more funds of around $1.7 billion.

However, it is unclear how much of the funding came from the MLM sector and how much was invested in its operations.

The growth of the online MLM marketplace has been seen in the past year.

In February 2017, the online platform was the number three online marketplace in India with more than 1,600 MLM businesses and services.

Last month, the market cap jumped up to around $3 billion.


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