Which is more popular: Google or Facebook?

Which is more popular: Google or Facebook?

As India’s mobile market continues to grow, the country is increasingly looking at whether to embrace an online economy and the social media juggernaut that’s made it possible. 

The country is still reeling from the devastating floods in 2015, and many are still struggling with the aftermath.

But with Google, Facebook and other giants of the digital economy now making inroads, a new study finds that the two are now in direct competition for the country’s mobile users. 

A new study by market research firm eMarketer shows that Google and Facebook have made significant strides in India’s smartphone market, but the country has yet to decide if it wants to embrace this model or keep on pushing for an online model.

“This is a very interesting question,” said Jyoti Bansal, chief executive of eMarketers.

“How much will it be, how fast will they become the leading players in this market?”

The eMarkers study found that Android and iOS were the top three mobile platforms for users in India, followed by Windows Phone.

In the top five for the market in 2016 was Microsoft, followed closely by Apple and Amazon.

The study also found that India’s population grew by 6% in the last two years, but that Google is still leading the way, with nearly a quarter of the country in use.

Google has more than doubled its share of the smartphone market in India since 2015, when it accounted for more than 30% of the market. 

However, the study found Google is not the dominant player in India anymore.

India’s smartphone users are now more than twice as likely to use Facebook, a company that is often criticized for its perceived lack of innovation.

It is not just Google’s dominance of the Indian smartphone market that eMarker sees as a problem.

The study found Facebook was the second most popular social networking platform in India in 2016, behind only WhatsApp.

Facebook has also been a leader in India for a number of years, building up a presence in rural areas that can help it expand its reach.

The company has built out a number to its platform that gives users access to more than 200 different social media platforms.

Even with the growth in its user base, the company still accounts for only about 15% of India’s overall smartphone market.

Despite this, Facebook’s success has prompted it to launch a number more features into India.

In 2017, it introduced features like “Messages” in India that allow users to quickly send and receive messages in the social network.

It also launched an app called “Connect” that connects users to a variety of other Facebook services, including messaging, photo and video sharing, and music sharing.

With the growth of these features, Facebook has become a more dominant force in India than it was five years ago, the eMarkett study found.

It now accounts for nearly 50% of mobile users in the country.

However, Google has had a long and storied history in India.

Its dominance in India has been evident since its launch in 1999.

The country’s first phone was a Motorola Moto X, which was unveiled in 1999 and sold for $699.

Google’s domination has continued to grow since then.

In 2012, Google acquired Motorola Mobility, a mobile phone maker in India and one of the largest players in the market, and set up its own mobile network in India called Google India.

Since then, the search giant has become the countrys largest mobile operator, with more than 5.2 million users in total.

As part of this, Google operates a number with mobile apps, including Gmail, Maps, YouTube, and Google Now.

These apps are also part of the platform Google offers on Google’s search and YouTube sites, and can be used to create and share customized lists and services. 

Google also operates its own smartphone service in India: Google Mobile, which allows users to buy a phone and connect it to Google’s services.

This mobile service is currently limited to the Indian market.

But it is not too far away from becoming available in other countries.

EMarketer also found out that Facebook is the top mobile app in the Indian markets of India, China, India, and Indonesia, which makes sense considering the country, which has the largest Indian diaspora, is also the biggest smartphone market of the world. 

In India, Google dominates in the Android market, which is where it is the most dominant smartphone company.

While the company has been expanding its Android offerings, it is also increasingly targeting the iPhone, which Facebook has a larger presence in.

In India, the two companies have more than a 50% market share in the iPhone.

So, it’s no surprise that Facebook has taken on Google and the other mobile players in India to compete for the mobile market.

The eMarketing study also shows that the popularity of Facebook has increased in India over the last year.

In 2016, Facebook had a 21% share of mobile app users


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