Why MLMs are growing in India: How to find your ideal company

Why MLMs are growing in India: How to find your ideal company

An Indian startup is pushing a product called the Network Marketing Platform (NMP) that claims to help people find companies on LinkedIn.

The platform connects people with businesses using real names, addresses, social media profiles, email addresses and other information to connect them with prospective employers.

But critics say the platform has a track record of attracting scam artists, hiring fraudsters and providing inaccurate information about prospective employers to employees.

The platform is a bit like Google Maps or Facebook Maps, where the map shows the path the company has taken to get to where it is now.

The NMP also has a social networking feature that allows people to interact with other people from around the world.

It’s unclear how many people have actually used the platform, which is powered by a company called MMM, but the number of active users has grown steadily over the past few months.

The NMP’s biggest success story has been in India, where MMM claims to have received over 300,000 applications for its platform.

“We are not doing a business on the market, we are making it to people on the marketplace,” said Arvind Jain, the founder and CEO of the NMP company.

“We are doing this by building a business model that we think is very promising.”

But some are worried about how the platform is being used by potential employers.

A former employee of the company, who spoke to The Hill on condition of anonymity, said he was told that there were at least 100 scams on the platform and that some companies even have hired fraudulent workers.

“The people on that platform are trying to make money off of people on LinkedIn,” the employee said.

In a written response to The Washington Post, the company said that it does not recruit from the Nmp platform and has not hired any fraudulent employees.

It also said that there are no malicious or malicious advertisements on the N MP platform.

But it also said it does pay salaries to people who use the platform.

It declined to answer further questions about the company.

The company said it has already been working with the police and the Federal Trade Commission to verify its business model.

The Hill sought comment from the company on the allegations, and asked whether there were any restrictions on using the N mp platform or if it was working with law enforcement to crack down on scam actors.

The MMM platform does not offer a recruiter tool or any way to verify who is using it.

MMM’s LinkedIn profile states that the company offers the following features to users:1.

A link to a recruitable recruiter2.

A list of potential candidates3.

A form to fill out4.

A tool to apply for a position5.

A survey to ask about your skills and experience6.

A way to report a scam that has occurred in your company7.

A place to send your resume to a recruiting company.MMM also provides a “search engine” feature, allowing users to search through all LinkedIn profiles of potential employees.

But this is not a way to contact potential employers, according to an MMM representative.


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