‘Totally Crazy’ India to Create $500 Million Series to Fight Back against Cyber Attacks

‘Totally Crazy’ India to Create $500 Million Series to Fight Back against Cyber Attacks

NEW DELHI — India’s new telecom regulator said it will launch a “Totally, Crazy” plan to protect its citizens from cyberattacks that could pose a threat to their health and personal safety.

In a new report, the National Telecommunications and Information Technology Commission said it would develop a plan to deploy the technology to detect and respond to threats that could compromise the security of a person’s personal or financial data.

The regulator said the technology could be used to detect suspicious activities in an area, identify people who may be using it, and identify the individuals who may use it.

The report, issued Friday, said the government would invest $500 million over three years to deploy technology to protect citizens.

The plan would involve the development of “smart card-like” devices that could track people’s movements, as well as tracking the movement of data and financial transactions in real time, according to the report.

India’s telecom regulator has been cracking down on cybercrime and cyberattacks in recent years, including the 2013 mass hacking of the banking network of Reliance Jio.

The regulator said last year that it has cracked down on more than 7,000 cases of cyberattacks and 1,000 cyber attacks in the past three years, a figure it said is “far lower” than the actual number of attacks that took place.

India has seen several major cyberattacks this year, including a massive attack on a popular online video-sharing site, the Dhanbad website, and a number of banks, media companies, and government entities.

India’s government has cracked the cybercrime problem by establishing a national cyber security agency and establishing a new cybercrime unit within the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technologies.


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