How to get a $10,000 referral from an influencer for $30,000

How to get a $10,000 referral from an influencer for $30,000

The idea of getting an influencers’ recommendation to get an invite to a network marketing event or a gig is a common one, but there are many pitfalls.

This is where a referral program from a company known as Network Marketing International comes in handy.

The company has a reputation for delivering top-notch services and is currently working on its next iteration.

The program is set to launch this week.

You can sign up for Network Marketing’s referral program at Network Marketing India, the company that operates the website. 

The company offers three tiers.

Tier 1, which is for affiliates, offers up to $30 million in referral revenue, a minimum of 1,000 referrals per month. 

Tier 2, which also includes affiliates, is for the company’s direct customers, which means that affiliates will get the referral bonus. 

All these referral bonuses are split between the affiliates and direct customers. 

In Tier 3, the referral program is designed to provide affiliates with an annual revenue bonus of $1 million. 

“The referral bonus is one of the most lucrative sources of revenue for Network Media India,” said Deepak Parekh, founder and CEO of Network Marketing.

“It is the only way we can keep our business growing.

We aim to make this a recurring revenue source for Network Management.”

The referral program, according to the company, offers affiliates a 1,200 percent return on their referrals.

This means that if you are an affiliate, the first referral you get from Network Marketing will be worth $1,200. 

You can use this referral bonus to create your own referral program. 

For instance, if you sign up with a referral bonus of Rs. 5,000, the bonus will be split equally between affiliates and the direct customers who sign up on your behalf. 

This is a nice benefit for affiliates who want to increase their exposure.

However, the promotion is only for affiliates and is not available to customers of the company. 

According to Pareky, Network Marketing is currently in talks with several network marketing companies to launch the referral bonuses. 

If you are interested in getting an invite or a referral, check out Network Marketing in India’s website to find out more. 

How to get your name in the news Network marketing is all the rage right now, as people around the world are looking to get in on the ground floor of their own digital transformation.

But, it can be a little tricky to get attention and recognition.

The more people know about you, the more likely it is you’ll be featured on a list.

And the more people see your content, the higher your exposure will go. 

So, what is Network Marketing doing to get their name in this digital revolution? 

The network marketing giant has launched a new initiative called Top 5 Network Marketing Brands. 

Top 5 Network Media Networks. 

Every year, they are releasing a list of the top 5 companies with the most influential networks in their market. 

These are the companies that have had the biggest impact in the industry over the last year. 

Each year, the list is updated with the best of the best network marketing sites in India and the world. 

To get a nod in the top five, you need to be at least 5 years old. 

Here are the Top 5. 


Network Marketing Network, Co.

Ltd (India) 2.

Network Media Network, Co.


(USA) 3.

Network Management Network, Ltd. 

Covers (UK) 4.

Network Advertising Network,Inc. Anadolu Agency (Turkey) 5.

Network Admins Network, LLC (China) The top five companies with influential networks are listed on Network Marketing website.

It also lists the Top 10 Network Marketing Sites in India. 

What is Network Media?

Network Media is an internet marketing company that was founded in 2014 and is a joint venture between MediaNama and Network Marketing Corporation. 

Their goal is to bring to the masses the best content from the top 10 network marketing platforms. 

On their website, they say, Our goal is one that can bring the world more attention to the top platforms.

This way, you will be able to get the attention of your audience and grow your business in a shorter time. 

Image Source: Network Media Network The website also has a section dedicated to networking events. 

It includes information on networking events, networking workshops, networking programs and networking opportunities. 

Some of the networking events include: Hangout with a Network Manager (Free), Network Leadership Workshop (Free) Network Learning Workshop (free), Gaining Network Awareness Workshop (FREE) Online Networking Workshop ( free), New Networking Toolkit (free) Event Hub (Free), Network Leadership Workshop (


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