Herbal Products

Herbal products are nutritional supplements derived from plants and botanical extracts with medicinal properties that can be used to maintain, restore or improve health. These products are based on the ancient healing techniques of Ayurveda, which focuses in healthy living through body, mind and spirit. Arya Business is the principal manufacturer of Herbal Products in Jharkhand and a leading supplier of Herbal Products in India. We offer world-class products with the goal to promote optimal health by using nature derived formulations. Our unique and effective formulations are composed of uncontaminated ingredients. They are unadulterated and safe for consumption under the guidance of a health practitioner certified in Ayurvedic healing.

We offer Herbal products to cater to your everyday needs in the following categories:

  • Cardiovascular & Metabolic Support
    Femoarya Tablets, CMD drops
  • Cognitive & Immune Support
    Aryaayur Tablets, Cofoff SF Syrup, Tulsi Ark Power Drops, Ojasvi Plus Kids Syrup
  • Digestive & Skin Support
    Digesarya Tablets, Chirayu Capsules, Prozyme Syrup, Apple Cider Vinegar, Amrit Ras Herbal Juice, Neem Capsules
  • Health & Nutrition Supplements
    Cure 8 in 1 Capsules, Health Gain Granules
  • Joint & Muscle Support
    Artho Care+ Oil, Arthocare Capsules, Artho-G Capsules, Aryacal Tablets
  • Kidney & Liver Support
    Glyacocare Capsules, Moringo Plus Tablets
  • Food & Beverages
    Mint Squash, Rice Bran Oil, Arya Mountain Green Tea, Arya Green Coffee
  • Hair & Skin Care
    Saffron Bar, Aayusmati Neem Turmeric Soap, Aayusmati Amla Hair Oil, Aayusmati Facewash, Aryadent Toothpaste, Aayusmati Night Cream
  • Home Care
    Bright Magic Detergent Drops, Bright Magic Dish Drops

The manufacturing of these products is done in our units equipped with modern machinery and all products conform to the GMP and FDA quality standards. Our experts share their knowledge of Ayurveda to create formulations with incredible healing power. We adopt the direct selling mechanism to ensure that our high-quality herbal products are available at reasonable prices.